Get help around the house from your smart speaker

Enjoy entertainment

Play music, podcasts, news and radio, just with a simple voice request.

A group of kids in a living room using a Google Home mini to play music
Avatar Phoebe
Hey Google, play some music
Sure, music on Spotify. Here you go
Avatar Phoebe
Hey Google, turn up the volume
Turning up the music

Plan your day

Ask Google for your daily brief, your flight information or about your commute to work. And, check on the latest weather and traffic in your area.

A table with three books, a mug and a Google Home with Hey Google on, replying some queries
Get Answers Avatar
Hey Google, what is my agenda today?
There is one entry today. At 8:00AM, you have a meeting with...
Get Answers Avatar
Hey Google, how is the weather this weekend?
In San Francisco this weekend it will be sunny with a high of 65 and a low of 57

Get answers

Get answers on sports, weather, finance, calculations, translations and more.

A Google Home mini in an auxiliar living room table with Hey Google on, replying some queries
Avatar Phoebe
Hey Google, what time is it in London?
The time in London is 9:00pm
Avatar Phoebe
Hey Google, how tall is Tom Cruise?
Tom Cruise is 5 feet 7 inches tall

Manage tasks

Set alarms and timers, pull up your calendar appointments, or add items to your shopping list using just your voice.

A man in a kitchen chopping vegetables on a board and asking queries to Hey Google
Avatar Rick
Hey Google, add potatoes to my shopping list
Ok, I’ve added it to your shopping list
Avatar Rick
Hey Google, set an alarm for 7 AM tomorrow
Done, your alarm’s set for tomorrow at 7 AM

Control your home

Ask Google to adjust the temperature, lighting and more.1

A dim light room with a bed and a shelving with home decor and a Google Home device with Hey Google on
Get Answers Avatar
Hey Google, turn off the lights
Sure, turning off the lights

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